Recent Lifestyle in Home Session By Erin - Central PA/Mechanicsburg Lifestyle Photographer

About Erin’s Lifestyle Sessions

You know the saying…”these are the days to remember” or “in a blink of an eye your children will be grown and you’ll be wishing for one more day when they were that age”.

Erin is the first in the Central PA area to offer storytelling sessions.  There is no time like the present to schedule a documentary session with ESP. Whether you want to remember the day you were asked for your hand in marriage or the day your whole family made Christmas cookies, no event is too big or too small. These sessions are done without any direction from Erin; which allows her to capture the individual(s) in a natural state. Here are some ways that sets a documentary session apart from a posed portrait session…

1. They allow you to relax and be yourself. You don’t have to pose or feel awkward in front of the camera. Ignoring the camera, becomes much easier whether you’re engaged in something you’re passionate about, a special moment with friends and family or even just everyday things around your home.

2. These sessions allow you to be you and feel comfortable. There is no dressing up or making your kids behave a certain way. You are free to be you.

3. Finding the perfect time that fits your schedule isn’t an issue. Erin will come to you at a time that your family is together. You go about your day and Erin photographs it. This same ease of scheduling is especially helpful for businesses wanting to do a documentary session. You and your employees can be accomplishing work tasks, while Erin works her magic.

4. While a posed portrait session captures your best camera-ready smiles, documentary sessions portray your honest expressions, glances, quirks and depict moments that will forever be sweet memories.

5. They capture the little details. For instance using your home or business for the backdrop, allows your environment to become part of your story. These spaces define us as much as we do ourselves. Capture the baby’s room you spent months putting together, the first apartment you lived in as a couple, your cramped office before your business expands, the ideas are limitless.

6. Documentary sessions capture who you really are at that moment in time, not just how you look and what you’re wearing. Erin really enjoys documenting these simple times in your daily life to the special moments you don’t want to forget. Choose any activity that you do regularly or a milestone event, the list is endless.

Some great ideas could be…

  • Planning a wedding

  • Baking cookies

  • A Saturday morning at home

  • Preparing for baby, baby’s first hours or bringing them home from the hospital.

  • Adopting a pet

  • Play-dates with friends

  • Sewing a family heirloom quilt

  • Teaching a teen to drive


If the moment feels like something you never want to forget, let Erin tell your story. You won’t be disappointed.